January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy 2014! We at Cape Cod Braces enjoyed a great holiday season and hope you did too! Now of course, things are coming back to the way they were before – work, school, and health. There are many resolutions you may or may not keep in the year ahead, but if this one wasn’t on your list, it should be: taking care of your  teeth and oral health! Be part of the generation that never sees a denture. Like with all health related issues, prevention and maintenance are much easier than crisis treatment. So stay one step ahead with regular visits to your Orthodontist and Dentists. Brush after meals – even on the go. Wear all orthodontist appliances for the duration prescribed so treatment is faster and more effective – even if they aren’t ‘this season’s’ best fashion accessory. Keep in mind that tooth enamel is fragile, and porous so avoid staining foods, or any ‘Jawbreaker’ like candy. We hope these small reminders help in the year ahead. Wishing you happiness and health and getting those things that perhaps didn't fit into Santa’s sleigh last year. Most of all we hope 2014 will make you smile!