June 15, 2014

Ring the School Bell!

Hear the bell ringing? See the children running? Hear the fireworks for the Fourth of July? It can only mean one thing… SCHOOL IS OUT! Congratulations to all you High School Seniors who may be continuing on to College, and happy days for all those people who have to drive to work on a school bus route, or for those that can finally wear flip-flops to the beach. The newness of summer is always a welcome change. There are however, different commitments and restraints during the summer months that impact everyone’s schedule, such as soccer camps, baseball camps, riding the trails on horseback, catching up with the summer reading list, or visiting family in different parts of the US. But this does not mean that your braces are on a holiday too! Orthodontic work is a continuing treatment that needs attention and regular clinical visits. If you have always scheduled your visits around after-school activities, it may be necessary to make alternative arrangements over the summer. Keep in mind that CCB takes annual leave end of June/start of July, so do make sure you are up-to-date with your appointments surrounding this time period. It is highly recommended that you talk to the doctor about any additional activities you may pursue in the summer months so he can advise you the best way to protect your Orthodontic equipment and teeth, or ways to deal with an unexpected braces event – like a loose bracket or a lost retainer while away.