October 19, 2011

It's Halloween at Dr. P's Office-the Entire Month of October!

During your office visit this month make sure to enter our fun contests!  We are having a "guess the weight of the pumpkin" contest in the Hyannis. In Orleans, the challenge is to guess how many candy corns are in the candy jar.  Those closest to the the accurate answer-wins!
Also, if you come with a costume to our office or send us a photo of yourself in a costume on Halloween you will be entered to win a cool prize.
And don't miss seeing Dr. P and the staff  in costume Oct. 31! Patients can vote on the best costume.  The employee with the most votes wins!  So stop by, say hello, and vote.
There is nothing like Halloween to bring out good fun!  So make your appointments at our Hyannis, Orleans, or Nantucket offices, and we'll see you soon.   
P.S.  Don't forget no sticky treats during Halloween!  Protect your teeth and your braces!

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