November 6, 2013

Travelling Turkey!

       T Shirt Design by Matt Leyen

Thanksgiving is the most widely celebrated holiday in the US – it also happens to be one of the biggest travel days of the year. While in “braces” it is important to keep in mind that you are in a medical treatment process, which is directly impacted by the action and habits you take during treatment. Here are some easy tips for this month in case you plan on spending Thanksgiving travelling, or out of your usual routine

Tip #1 – take all Orthodontic related stuff (elastics, headgear, retainers, special floss) in your carry-on if you are travelling by airplane. This helps in two ways. First, if you need something during the trip it is easily accessible, and second, if the airline losses your luggage, you won’t be missing your fancy Ortho stuff.

Tip #2 – look into travel sized dental products, like small tooth pastes, mouthwash and floss. This will ensure that wherever you go you won’t be without your favorite brands that you know work for you.

Tip #3 – make sure whoever the host is, knows that there will be a guest who is in braces, or has tooth sensitivity because of spacers or that sort of thing. This way they can make sure there is plenty of suitable alternatives such as Pumpkin Pie instead of Pecan Pie.

Tip #4 –  although eating from the leg of the Turkey makes us all feel like Henry the VIII, if you are in braces, this fun will have to wait until they are off as the bone could break a bracket! If dark meat is the preference just cut it off the bone and enjoy – with plenty of gravy of course!

Tip # 5 – while being away from home it can be difficult to keep to routines. Just because you don’t have your usual bathroom space doesn’t mean that careful teeth cleaning can be overlooked. Pack your dental supplies in a separate small toiletry bag so you can take them to whatever bathroom is free when it is time to wash up. And no matter how tired you are, this is part of the grooming routine that shouldn’t be skipped.

And finally, the best tip we can offer is to enjoy and celebrate your Thanksgiving!