January 15, 2012

Dr. P's nieces are Cover GIrls! Check out these beautiful smiles!

Dr. Pautienis is thrilled to share this exciting cover picture of his nieces on the Improper Bostonian!  His nieces, Aida, Vyda, Zara, and Siga recently opened a yoga and coaching center in Boston.  We at Cape Cod Braces acknowledge their success. 

When the girls were younger Dr. Pautienis treated all of his nieces teeth with orthodontic care.  The girls to this day love to tell everyone that their smile is their best asset!

To your health!

January 10, 2012

Increase Your Confidence with a Smile!

At the office of Dr. M John Pautienis, we know having an attractive smile puts a spring in your step—as well as increases your self-confidence, no matter if you’re 14 or in your late forties.

Smiling not only makes people happy and puts them in a good mood, doing it often can even help you live longer, according to previous studies!

If you’ve been hiding your smile because you have crooked teeth or gaps between your teeth, it’s time to consider orthodontic treatment at Cape Cod Braces. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn how quickly and efficiently today’s most advanced correction techniques can straighten your smile!

Don’t hide your smile any longer—give us a call today to schedule yours or your child’s FREE orthodontic consultation with Dr. P.  See you soon!