August 8, 2012

Sports and Braces

August 2, 2012. REUTERS/Tim Wimborne

The Summer Olympics are a great reminder of how important sport is for the body and mind! So far Team USA has won 70 medals…bravo! Keeping physically active improves cardiovascular, respiratory and skeletal health, as well as improving mental acuity. People who exercise even moderately add years to their lives as opposed to those with low activity, not to mention avoid chronic health issues. It has been shown that starting at any age makes a difference – it is never too late! 

You may be asking yourself before starting a new routine: but what about my braces? The good news is Orthodontic appliances do not interfere with a majority of sports; check out Lochte above! There are numerous mouth-guards available that will protect both your braces and your mouth; anyone at Cape Cod Braces would be happy to discuss an appropriate model for your needs. Other appliances such as Headgear or Retainers may be temporarily removed of there is risk of contact with other players (that is the only time you are likely to be told to NOT wear your appliance from this office!). Like always just be sure to stow appliances safely.

Exercise does not have to be intense, or a contact sport, to be useful/competitive. Walking the dog for longer, renting a Kayak, even playing a fun game of mini-golf are all great ways to enjoy the summer and get moving!