September 4, 2012

Blue Moon: Summer is Over...Back to School

Pleasant Bay, 31 August 2012
Photograph: Dr. J Pautienis

Labor day has come and gone, which can only mean one thing: summer vacation is over. It happened to be a Blue Moon over the weekend, so Cape Cod Braces thought to highlight the blue mood that might be amongst those that have to trade riding the waves for riding the bus! It is important to remember that Orthodontic treatment does not coincide with the academic calendar. For good results it is important to keep regular appointments and address/monitor all continual changes regardless of the time of year. If this is your first year at school with braces or a retainer here are some tips to make sure you get an A+ during your next visit with Dr P!

         Lots of candy around? Avoid hard and chewy items
         Store retainers or other appliances in your locker during lunch
         Leave some elastics in your locker and backpack so you always have some at hand
         If possible, brush/floss after lunch. Simply not enough time? Try a mouth rinse – travel size options easily fit into bags.
         For parents making lunch boxes- cut food into smaller pieces and think of braces friendly items like All Milk Cheese Sticks, Bananas, Smooth Sunflower Butter (as opposed to peanut) & Fruit Jelly without seeds