October 23, 2012

Team Tom!

Cape Cod Braces loves New England teams. With NFL in full swing, the Doctor tries to see some games live...A big sports fan, at your next visit try to challenge him with some sports trivia!

Patriots vs Jets October 21, 2012 at Gillette! 

Game on!

Dr P and his niece, Vyda
Home Team Turf!

October 18, 2012

October is for Oh so sweet…

Who doesn't love Halloween?  Fun costumes, leaves falling and the smell of wood burning stoves heating the apple cider. Well and then of course there are the miniature Snickers, Gummy Bears, Rolos, Kit Kats, Twizzlers…and the list goes on! These sorts of things wreck havoc on brackets and the delicate wires straightening your teeth.  Keep in mind that those processed sugars also take more energy to digest, thereby giving you less energy to spend on the important things in life like a soccer game or violin recital. There are plenty of fun ways to support a safe and fun Halloween. Why not try to make a ‘haunted’ backyard, with lots of creative decorations, or give out small gift certificates to music/book stores, or small toys from the Penny Candy Shoppe – like mini playing cards etc. There are also lots of ‘healthy’ candies at local health food stores. If walking around in Northeastern nights is not your idea of fun, why not invite some friends for a Jack-O’-Lantern decorating contest, with a singular prize being awarded to the most creative face. This allows you to be more selective about the sugar consumption too.  And if you just can’t resists indulging, make sure you think before you chew! Soft chocolate (without nuts, or caramels), truffles, or even Tic-Tacs (just let them melt, no biting into them!) are okay with your braces. Whether it is you or your loved one in braces, the biggest thing to remember for October 31st  is: brush and floss with extra care.   Have a safe and Happy Halloween!