December 28, 2012

Dr. P’s Toolbox

Unfortunately Cape Cod Braces cannot claim to have as extensive of a tool box as Santa! And though the first few days after getting your braces on does not seem like the greatest gift in the world, the first few days after getting them OFF does. A bright, straight smile not only helps from an antithetical perspective, but also from a well-being perspective. Better aligned teeth are easier to floss, and generally are easier to clean at home to prevent areas where plaque build-up can lead to decay. They can also prevent jaw alignment issues, which can be detrimental in the long run.  From the electronics at Cape Cod Braces, like the X-Ray machines to the metal wires, like the ones on your teeth, DR P has chosen only the best for his patients! The state of the art equipment ensures your treatment is second to none, and that your overall well-being is looked after in a responsible way.

A few basic tools include:

Mathieu Plier – these help Dr P get the elastics around your brackets. The small elastics have a decent amount of resistance and these pliers make it a smooth process.  There are dozens of different sizes, and shapes of tips, but luckily Cape Cod Braces knows which is needed when!
Cheek Retractor – these make you smile, wide…no, really wide. Inserted into the mouth, it ensures that your cheeks are lifted from your teeth, making a clearer surface area for the doctor to work around.  This, however, might not be the time to take a profile picture for Facebook (hahaha!).
Arch Wires – these are the wires you see crossing around all your brackets. The density and material of the wire is dependent on what the doctor wants to happen to your teeth. In general, stronger wires are used only once your teeth have been introduced to the system of movement with softer, springier wires. 

Next time you are in for treatment, ask about these or any other tools for a Orthodontics 101 lesson.